Where can I find a Jetson tx2 dev kit board design with exact dimensions?

I want to build a custom enclosure for the Jetson TX2 dev kit. Where can I find a board design with the exact dimensions, including where the holes are?

Look at the Jetson Download Center (https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads) for the “Jetson TX1-TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Design Files”. In there will be the gerber files, including the hole files that describe the locations of the holes, as well as the board outline. You will also find the PCB schematic files that describe the locations of the various connectors.

Thank you - what kind of program can view gerber files?

Normally EDA programs - looks like there is an online viewer at gerber-viewer.com though (I haven’t tried this).

You could also view the Developer Kit 3D CAD STEP model - there are more freeware visualization tools for STEP models (I use viewer.autodesk.com)

You can also try the open-source KiCad package for viewing schematics: http://kicad-pcb.org/

Thanks for the tips guys. I will try these out.

It would be much more user friendly if there was just a pdf or image that could be downloaded with the board design, similar to how Adafruit provides it for all of their boards:

I tried opening the board design file “P2597_C02_Allegro_layout.brd” in eagle but got an error:

line 1, column 1: Start tag expected.

I will try the other programs later.

In the meantime, can someone just create a pdf or an image with the board design similar to how it is provided on adafruit boards and upload it here?

The schematic and board files are from OrCAD, so you’re probably not going to have much luck trying to use it from Eagle without some kind of importer to convert file formats. If you just want to look at the copper layout, edges, holes, etc., you can download any Gerber viewer and look at it there. However, the Gerber files won’t contain any netlist information, but it sounds like it should be enough for your purposes