Where can I find deepstream-app source code?

I find tow souce code files at apps directory. They are for one camera. I want to study for multi camera, where is deepstream-app ?

Thank a lot!

We plan to release deepstream-app source code in DS 3.0.

hello,Is it possible to open tracker source code developers to add custom data, such as now only nvdstracker.h, there is no corresponding nvdstracker .cpp file?

Hello @jifengfuxiaocsz, Currently there is no plan to open more source code. You can submit a new topic for your exact user case and let’s figure out how to proceed with the current release, thank you.

thanks,how to get the whole image data in function ‘bbox_generated_probe_after_analytics’, the example deepstream-image-meta-test just get croped jpeg image,how could i get the whole image jpeg data

You can set the paras below by yourself before encoding the picture:


thanks a lot ,i have solved this question,The last question is how to trigger the sending of kafka messages, in deepstream-test5-app is that each object information triggers a send event, I want to put all the messages together and then send them together just one time, rather than sending messages every time a object is detected

Could you open a new topic for the new issue? It is not convenient for others to refer this if multiple questions are put on the same topic. Thanks

ok,this is new topic ,Deepstrem send kafka message according custom needs

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