Where can I find the matching percentage, for a detected object?

I am currently working on a project, where a certain object has to be identified via camera (I have already set this with the “Hello AI World” or “jetson-inference”-libraries) and if a certain percentage of the software’s belief, that the object really corresponds to that specific object, reaches a particular limitation, a Servo-Motor should react (The code for the Servo has been already programmed).

My question is, where is the value or variable for this percentage saved, that I can access it (maybe a method with a return) and create an IF-statetement for example, to then be able to active the Servo.

I hope my issue is clearly formulated and understandable.


You can find the confidence value in jetson-inference directly.
Taking the classification as an example, you can find the value at the below line:


Hi @robert.kupresak, if you are doing image classification, the confidence value is automatically returned to you from the net.Classify() function:

If you are doing object detection, each detected object has a Confidence member:

Thank you very much!

Thank you!