Where can I find the SM diagram of Nvidia GPU GP102?

I am learning on the cuda kernel optimization, and am searching the SM diagram and block diagram of Nvidia GPU GP102 for a long time. But I only found the GP100 and GP104’s SM diagram and GP102’s block diagram(https://www.anandtech.com/show/11172/nvidia-unveils-geforce-gtx-1080-ti-next-week-699). And it is almost same with the GP100 block diagram in the GP100 white paper. I am not sure this block diagram is right or not.
Thank you in advance.

The SM design of GP102 and GP104 are identical. The only differences between GP102 and GP104 will be outside of the SM (e.g. memory interface, etc.), and how many SMs are in each GPU.

Thank you so much.Is the GP102 block diagram in this link https://www.anandtech.com/show/11172/nvidia-unveils-geforce-gtx-1080-ti-next-week-699 right? Or where can I find the block diagram from the Nvidia website. Thanks again.:)

It looks approximately correct. It is depicting 28 SMs which is correct for 1080Ti.

I’m not aware of any repository for block diagrams published by NVIDIA.

It’s not obvious to me that a block diagram is needed for CUDA kernel optimization, unless your skill level is quite advanced. Nearly anything you need is available in the type of data you can retrieve programmatically as demonstrated by the deviceQuery sample app.

Thanks a lot, Rebort.