Where can I find the TX1 Lauterbach Scripts referenced by Driver Package Guide

Hi all,

I’m reading through the “Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide 23.1.1 Release | November 10, 2015” and it has a section on Lauterbach CMM scripts (“The following table describes the Lauterbach scripts supplied with this release.”)

To better debug the board (I’m really more interested in ETM and STM trace and the ETR than the GPU), I would really like to get hold of these, since figuring out how to get everything out of power down is a lot of work… but so far nothing that JetPack has downloaded contains these scripts, or they’re so well hidden in an archive [in an archive [in an archive]] that I’ve yet to actually find them – they’re also not listed in the package manifest in the same documentation.

Has anyone actually found them somewhere within the JetPack deliverables, or elsewhere on the download site? Or am I looking hard enough but they’re not actually in any of the deliverables?

Thanks for any advice you can give,

Matt S.

There is a reference to the Lauterbach scripts here (search for Lauterbach):

Those were originally for JTK1, but they may apply to JTX1 as well.

Thank you for reporting this issue, we’re going to correct this problem, and will include the change in the next release.


linuxdev: unless the TK1 and TX1 have extremely similar power management and trace subsystem (somewhat likely but not guaranteed) I doubt they’ll work. Either way the point of having the scripts, which I found already, is not trying to confirm that they actually do the right thing but to have them just work to save me that time :)

kayccc: do you mean fix the docs to remove the reference or supply the aforementioned scripts? :)

Hi nekoxp,

We will provide the Lauterbach scripts tarball for TX1, and link will be available from the download page in the next release.


@kayccc that’s wonderful, I await the next release! Thanks!

I see these have been included in the 23.2 release – thanks!