Where can i get ROS component!?

I try to the ros again. but It’s a lot different from before.
The ros components disappeared and changed to action graph. right?

so I checked again here.

2. Import and Drive TurtleBot3 — Omniverse Robotics documentation.



  1. ros have to make a graph all the time?? where can i find ros componenets?

  2. Can’t I extract the ros action graph? i can’t save this sample ros graph anywhere.

That’s correct, all ROS components are now Omnigraph nodes. To find those, you need to open up Action Graph editor by going to Window → Visual Scripting, and find all ROS related nodes under Isaac ROS (or ROS2 if you enabled ROS2 bridge instead of ROS) section in the list of nodes inside the Action graph editor.

There isn’t a direct way to extract or copy a whole graph from one USD to another for now, so you do need to manually add all the ROS components for your use case.

thank you for your answer! qwan. and it will be extracted from sim 2022.2. thank you again.! There are many changes and many things to study.

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