Where can I get WQE format in MLNX

I am curious about the format of WQE during my work. I found an entry named “WQE Format in MLNX_OFED” in OFED 49224 doc (https://docs.mellanox.com/display/MLNXOFEDv492240/WQE+Format+in+MLNX_OFED), which is close to my requirements. However, when clicking the link, it says “Please refer to “Wake-on-LAN (WoL)” section.” But there is nothing I need except two comands in WoL Section. I also notice that the entry “WQE Format in MLNX_OFED” is deleted in some higher version of the OFED DOC(e.g. OFED ver 54103).

Does someone knows what was going on?

Where can I find the detail format of WQE in Mellanox ?

pls help

Hello Rongxin,

Thank you for notifying us of this documentation issue.

This documentation was incorrect, and has been removed to avoid confusion.

Work requests are submitted to the HCA through Verbs abstraction.

Work Request Elements themselves are abstract, and are created by transformation of a prepared Work Request using software verbs.

Please review Infiniband Spec: https://www.infinibandta.org/ibta-specification/

(especially sections related to Work Request processing [10.8, 11.4] ) for further information.

Best regards,

Mellanox Technical Support