Where can see the GPIO Chip Handbook

my board is tx2-nx,
I want to programming with GPIO, I don’t have any documents,
where can download the GPIO Chip Handbbok and GPIO Program Guid?

FYI, general document search for your particular TX2 hardware:

The “Technical Reference Manual” (TRM) for the TX2’s SoM:

This does not cover the carrier board, but it is the SoC which has the GPIO. You might find a difference due to level converters, or pin numbering since the pin numbers are for the SoM and not the carrier board. You could also find the carrier board design schematics, but this is less likely to cover what you are interested in:

Documents such as the Design Guides will talk about how the device tree is used in combination with the carrier board for pin routing.

FYI, the TRM has a section on UARTs and explains that it has different modes to emulate different UARTs. Typically you’d be using it in the 16550A mode of emulation.

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