Where can we find 3D Content Pack regarding additional contents like AnimGraph, Rendering etc

Hi, I want to confirm about 3D Content Pack.

We can download 3D Content Packs written iin “3D Content Pack Installation” from
Enterprise Web portal.
But we cannot find additional contents written in “3D Content Pack Installation” page like
“AninGraph”, “Rendering”, “Partices”, “ActionGraph”, “Warp”, “Flow” and “Audio2Face”.

For example, in case of AnimGraph Samples, this is written as “AnimGraph_NVD@10010.zip” but we cannot find this file in Enterprise Web portal.
Where can we find and download these additional conents?

Best Regards.

Let me find out and get back to you. Thanks

@masahiro.suzuoki - The missing 3D content packs are awaiting final QA approval before we make them public. Is there a particular pack or packs that you need access to? We can try to help get them prioritized internally.

Thank you for your reply.

Currently there is no particular packs we need to use soon.
If these files are under preparation, it is enough if we can know when these files will be available.

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