Where did the Grinch for 21.X go?

Where is the sticky post for the Grinch Kernel for 21.X? Has it been pulled?


The Grinch Kernel is still downloadable.
This script from Jetsonhacks would work to install the kernel.

Is there any ability to get cached version of topic that was located here - https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/823132/embedded-systems/-customkernel-the-grinch-21-3-4-for-jetson-tk1-developed/ ??

would probably be your best bet. otherwise it exists somewhere in google’s cache, but that doesnt play as nicely with internal links.

A more interesting question would be, Why has the topic been deleted? Did Santyago get tired of answering questions and enhancement requests?

Did you realize you were pointing Kangalow to his own repo?