Where do I find the "Jetson Linux API Reference"?

the Jetson Developer Guide – Multimedia APIs says:

The multimedia API is described in the Jetson Linux API Reference, available for download from the Jetson Download Center.

But the Download Center does not offer a Jetson Linux API Reference.
The only resource I could find is this site: Jetson Linux API Reference: Multimedia APIs | NVIDIA Docs but it seems to be quite outdated (32.7.3 Release).
Where can I find the latest version of this document?

Is there some place where I can find a more thorough introduction into the Jetson Multimedia API? (Jetson Linux API Reference: Multimedia APIs | NVIDIA Docs just documents each part of the API but does not give any information about how the different calls should be used.)


You can start from this website. Check which version you want to refer to.

Thank you. That is exactly what I searched for.
Maybe you should fix the Jetson Developer Guide to point to the correct location of the Jetson Linux API Reference.

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