Where do I get extensions?

I saw a video that wasn’t very detailed and it mentioned particles. Are there any extensions for particles, and where would I get it?

I went to a section here called Extensions Exchange, and didn’t see much. Maybe that is something new or something that didn’t catch on? I searched Particles in Exchange part of Omniverse, and no results were found.

Is there a community marketplace where people share / sell props, scenes, etc.?

To me Omniverse is like a free better version of IClone 8 I may not buy now.

And maybe someone knows this. How does NVidia plan on making money from Omniverse? (other than selling graphic cards).

Thanks for any info.

Hello @DataJuggler!

Extensions are what make up every application in Omniverse! For example, Create is a curated extension set for Creatives / Content Creators. You can easily add extensions to Create using the Extension Manager.

Also, here is a link to our full documentation for Extensions The extension that handles particle systems can be found here: Particle Extension

Because we are still fairly new, we do not currently have a “community marketplace”, but it is something that we are looking into. I did contact the team and asked them for any new information on this and I will post back here when I hear back from them!

Right now we currently have a section on the forum where people can share the extensions they have created. People can also submit their work / extensions on our gallery page as well.

Hi DataJuggler,

I see that Wendy answered your technical question :-)

With regards to your question on ‘How does NV plan on making money from OV (beyond Gfx cards)’ - we have our Enterprise version which is subscription based and is modeled around how many users and what specific tools are being licensed. We support companies looking to license specific parts which may help their business, and so on.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s also a growing opportunity for developers to make money from Omniverse. The more the platform grows the bigger the opportunity for those ISVs to make add-ons, build Omniverse Applications, extensions, assets and more. Take a look at our OV developer page to learn more about how the ecosystem can enable new and established developers to increase their own revenue opportunities from the platform.

Thank you both for the replies. I will read the attached document when I get off work.

I hope to learn Omniverse more.