Where do the contents of the Jetson Xavier NX tarball come from?

From where are the files (contents) of the BSP source tarballs obtained? How do I match them up to what is in the nvidia git repositories for the kernel sources?

Boot stage is separate content mostly from NVIDIA, although it can contain other content. The actual rootfs arrives in two parts: The first is a purely Ubuntu image, and after running “sudo ./apply_binaries” (which the GUI front end does for you) it adds the NVIDIA drivers on top of this. The content is in the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” directory.

Yes, but I would like to match-up the files and those file contents between what is in the tarball and what I get when using the source_sync.sh script. How do I use the source_sync.sh script to get exactly the same content as the tarball?

I’m not sure if source_sync.sh is actually 100% correct. I know in the past there have been places where some of the content downloaded from the particular release URL has more content (out of tree) that the source_sync.sh misses (and there have been times in the past when it was 100% correct, but I can’t predict which is correct or not…if one is missing, then someone from NVIDIA might be able to tell you the tag if they know of a specific missing file, or else provide a fix to the repository).

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