Where I can download magic3d?

I just read about this tool, where I can download it ?

Hello @williamnageib! Magic3D is an awesome tool, but in typical NVIDIA fashion, we announce our latest technological advances before they are available to the public. I’ve reached out to the development team for more information and I will post here when I hear back.

Also, you may be interested in the video in this post: Is Magic 3D Going to Be Available To The Public?

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Thanks @WendyGram I am indie game coder (Unreal) and I can not hire 3D guys so this would be great if I can use it.

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Hello @williamnageib! Word from the Magic3D team is that they are still in the early stages of transferring the technology to Omniverse. So it is in active development! They promised me they would update me on their progress so I will be sure to check in with them for updates!

For some 3D help, if you haven’t already, join our discord server at discord.gg/nvidiaomniverse. We have several 3D artists that would be interested in helping you out! You can ping Edmar at Prof E#2041 (Tell him I sent you!) And he can show you where to ask for help!

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Thanks @WendyGram I will try

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