where I can get LINUX_LXTHREADSX86_DrivePxApp.elf for easycan

I found a topic about how to setup easycan, and the step2 is “Copy LINUX_LXTHREADSX86_DrivePxApp.elf to ‘/home/nvidia/’”
Could someone tell me where I can get LINUX_LXTHREADSX86_DrivePxApp.elf, please?
Thank you very much!

Dear sunyongjian,

LINUX_LXTHREADSX86_DrivePxApp.elf file is included in DPX2-P2379-EB-V4.02.02_release.zip
You can find DPX2-P2379-EB-V4.02.02_release.zip in drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts on Host PC. Thanks.