Where I can get the SCR(Security Control Register) information?


I am trying to follow the SPE guideline (Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Developer Guide: Welcome) and activate SPE.

  1. Can I get the manual for SCR?
    according to guideline, we have to change the SCR(Security Control Register) setting.
    Where can I get the information about what is scr.2603 and what is the meaning of value “0x19003232”?
    I tried to find the info in TRM but there is no such information…
Modify the SCR setting in tegra194-mb1-bct-scr-cbb-mini.cfg as follows:

scr.378.4 = 0x1a0034ff; # CLK_RST_CONTROLLER_AON_SCR_CAN_0
scr.407.4 = 0x1a0034ff; # CLK_RST_CONTROLLER_CAN1_SCR_FMON_0
scr.408.4 = 0x1a0034ff; # CLK_RST_CONTROLLER_CAN2_SCR_FMON_0
scr.2602.6 = 0x19003232; # AON_NOC_CAN1_BLF_CONTROL_REGISTER_0
scr.2603.6 = 0x19003232; # AON_NOC_CAN2_BLF_CONTROL_REGISTER_0
  1. How to check SCR setting on Jetson platform
    if I have a problem in activating CAN on SPE and want to check if pinmux and SCR is set correctly,
    how can I check and know?
    I found that how to get pin mux setting in Jetson/AGX Xavier Check Pin Setting - eLinux.org
    how to check SCR setting on Jetson platform?

Thank you!

We’re checking with internal team, will update once clarified.


  1. As SCR, please just follow the doc, and re-flash the device after the setting changes, to make sure the new setting takes effect.
  2. With correct SCR setting, CAN module can be accessed from SPE. You can add some debug message to check the corresponding CAN registers. As long as those registers can be read/written correctly, SCR setting is good. Otherwise, it may crash or return error value.


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