Where is CUDA 2.0 ?

CUDA 2.0 final was announced last friday. where is it?

Really? Well, I hope it includes VS2008 support, because the SP1 was released too the Friday.

Seems to be here:


It has been said many times that VS2008 support is in the next release after CUDA 2.0

I really hope that NVIDIA can put CUDA 2.0 into the mainstream driver as soon as possible so that it can be installed via EnvyNG in Ubuntu.

I know, but… is it really hard to create other configuration and to compile in VS2008 to generate the VS2008-compatible libraries? It should be easy…

Btw… why is not CUDA 2.0 announced in the “News and announcements” forum? Are you performing last-minute changes?

Changing compiler versions is never easy

Yes, it will be a good idea to release official drivers with CUDA2 support asap. Forcing the user to download the beta 177.84 drivers is bad.

Well, I’ve never got problems with that.I ported some sourceforge libraries from VS2005 to 2k8, 5 tools and 2 engines too… and I did it in minutes without problems… I would like some at NVIDIA to tell what concrete difficulties they’re having to not support VS2008 now that the 2k8 SP1 has been released. Looking at the CUDA’s DLL dependencies I cannot see why this should be a problem… you’ve all the 3rd party libraries’s source code so…

Btw, CUDA2.0-team… I think you need to deploy ALL the threading modes ( /MD, /MT, /MTD ) etc… if not -> incomming C CRT and linkage problems and .NET CLR/CLI/STLNet nightmare… CUDA2.0 final didn’t solved this.


The manual that is offered for download is still marked 2.0 beta 2. I’d guess that was the reason, some proofreading or something. While it’s a bit clumsy to have the download and no announcement, I’m happy with being able to download things and not have to wait for the final manual before the software is released.

I still cannot see CUDA 2.0 final in the announcements… are you still solving last minute problems?

I agree that it’s irritating that they seem to have given up on the news/announcements forum, but in my thread here:
netllama said that the current version 2 is the final version 2.

The old guy doing the announcements is not with the cuda team anymore I heard at nvision. I think the guy that replaces him has to still get used to doing these announcements ;)