Where is define of PCIe LTSSM state?

I used orin for PCIe EP mode, a x86 PC as RP. current promble is link failed.
I read PCIe register PCIE_RP_APPL_LINK_STATUS_0 is 0x00000020
PCIE_RP_APPL_DEBUG_0 sametimes is 0x00002000 and sametimes is 0x00002008. I want see LTSSM state define in PCIE_RP_APPL_DEBUG_0 register. It say Encoding is defined in databook,but where is the databook.

please check this post

Thank you very much, that is very helpful.
Now I read the PCIE_RP_APPL_LINK_STATUS_0 is 0x00000003 and
PCIE_RP_APPL_DEBUG_0 is 0x00000088, on RP is not found pcie device.

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