where is Eclipse and logcat button?

Just install latest TADP3.0r4,somethings wrong…
the show log button is gone!?
how could I make it back?
and the java side debug is disable too…
Eclipse also not installed?
what’s happen?
anything I missed?

oroginal button list

Hi Fatming,

The logging button has moved into a Tegra submenu in Visual Studio main menu: Tegra -> Windows -> Android Log (logcat).

Regarding Java debugging - it doesn’t work for you anymore after you’ve installed the new version? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Can’t help you with the Eclipse issue, but I’ll notify people responsible for it.

Hi Fatming,

Eclipse also not installed?
If you have Visual Studio installed in your system, then the “Nsight Tegra” will be installed and the eclipse will not be installed when you choose “Express” install option. If you want to install Eclipse you can select “Custom” install option and then select the “Eclipse” manually in the component select page.

Any more question, please let us know.

Thanks & Best Wishes.

Thanks Amyl and DmitryPolyanitsa

 the java side break point is not working and the message from mouse hover is

“the breakpoint will not currently be hit,Native side is not running and the VM is not responding”

and the output window show

“Failed to set breakpoint: Object reference not set to an instance of an object…”

I thought its holiday now,why you guys reply me so sad :(

Hi Fatming,

Could you please make sure you have set the Debugging -> Debug Mode project property to “Java and Native code”?

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue locally. If you have a sample you’re willing to share that reproduces it, I will give you my email address and an NVIDIA SFTP account so you can upload it.

Hello Dmitry

the debug mode setup is java and native code.

The TDK_Samples
I can not debug in java code,too.

I thought it happened because some installation was changed?(Eclipse for optional?)

Because the previous TADP version working good.

thanks and HAPPY NEW YEARRRrrrrr

Hi Fatming,

I’ve reproduced the “Failed to set breakpoint” issue locally with the sample that you’ve mentioned, thanks! We’ll most probably fix it in the next release.