Where is latest tools and instructions for multiple flashing

According to NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Developer Guide “Flashing to Multiple Jetson Devices”, tool and instruction for mass flash was published in the following link.


But it could not go to certain file in The download center.

Please update latest information about tools and instructions for multiple flashing

Hi toba-t,

The tool is now part of BSP package, we will update the L4T document mass flash section to:

NVIDIA provides tool and instructions for flashing Jetson devices efficiently in a factory environment. This tool is part of the Linux BSP package and is available at Linux_for_Tegra folder. Instructions for using this tool are included in README_Massflash.txt located in the same folder.


Hi kayccc,

the Linux_for_Tegra folder does not contain the file README_Massflash.txt … where can I find/get it?



Which BSP you’re using? Are you using R32.3?


The “README_Massflash.txt” is located at below folder: