where is libf77blas provided by PGI verion 7.06

I used the latest PGI compiler to compile Gaussian03
software which recommend pgi compiler, but the makefile
reported that it didn’t find libf77blas.a, libatlas.a and libpgthread.so.
Then, where are these libraries? I hope to find them and then
copy them to software directory.


Hi xiezhq,

PGI ships basic lapack and blas libraries as well as AMD’s ACML. For ATLAS, you’ll need to build or obtain a copy from http://sourceforge.net/projects/math-atlas/.

As for libpgthread.so, you can simply change all of these references to “libpthread”. or add a link in the PGI lib directory from libpgthread.so and libpgthread.a to your system’s libpthread.so and libpthread.a libraries. libpgthread was used as work around to a bug in Red Hat 7.3’s pthread library. On all other systems, libpgthread was a link to libpthread. As of the 7.0, we no longer add this link.

Hope this helps,