Where is my face? error console says incompatible version. it is not the problem i think

2023-03-11 12:50:22 [Warning] [gpu.foundation.plugin] Disabling auto-enabled Aftermath because of incompatible drivers, install recommended driver version.
2023-03-11 12:50:22 [Error] [gpu.foundation.plugin] CUDA processor count (1) does not match graphics processor count (2)

and another error message follows.

handsome face is not appear on viewport.
even though omniverse create works fine, reinstalling and clearing older version of driver won’t work.

amd 7900 ./ rtx 4080 / driver 528.49 / shader cache 10gb setted.
i wanna see him talking

Hi there, can you try installing 527.37 to see if it works?
If it doesn’t, can you please send your latest Audio2Face log file which can be found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face

It has been resolved after I turned off CP-GPU Thanks alot.

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