Where is "nsys export" in Nsight Systems 2020.2?


I am running Nsight Systems 2020.2 in Windows 10 (Version: 2020.2.1.71-64a8f98 Windows-x64). The documentation mentions “nsys export” as a tool to process .qdrep files, which would be very useful in my case because I have a large qdrep file with a lot of data. However, I cannot find this tool or anything that would resemble what the documentation is saying. Any idea where it should be located and how to launch it?


Our apologies, this is actually a documentation error. “nsys” is the name of the CLI for Nsight Systems, and currently it is not available on Windows.

However, you can export the data in your .qdrep into SQLite using the GUI.

If you load the file and go to file->export, you will be given options to export the current qdrep as sqlite, hdf5, json, or txt. You can find information about the schema for this sqlite in the /Documentation directory of your Nsight Systems Installation.