Where is Nvidia Flow 1.1

This page is saying Flow 1.1 was released at GDC this year with new features

However I cannot find any download pages or publications related to the release, does anyone know what happened to it?


same questions…
interested in new Vulkan/Linux support!
seems more Vulkan Gameworks enabled lbis are coming like Waveworks 2.0…
hope by Siggraph some libs get posted…

Thank you for the interest in Flow Vulkan/Linux support!

GitHub release was delayed a bit. Stayed tuned for a release within the next month.

thanks for offering an ETA…
will keep and eye for it!

So 7 months since “stayed tuned for a release within the next month”.
Github still has 1.0.1.
What’s the deal ?

Hi Chris,

we had a high priority project come up that we had to staff; this is leading to the delay you are seeing on Flow development. I cannot promise you any delivery dates right now, but rest assured that we are eager to get back to Flow development as soon as our team’s other deliverables permit it.