Where is "NVIDIA Tegra K1 Processors Data Sheet (DS-06742-001)"

I’m looking at the NVIDA Tegra K1 Mobile Processor TRM and it tells me I have to refer to this document to figure out the GPIO mapping. Searching for the exact name or number produce no results. Why is it so difficult to get documentation?

If you go here:

Check the box on the left for Product as “Jetson TK1”, then in the text search box type “data sheet”. This might be the document you want. Do be aware though you may need to log in there, and that the login is a separate registration than forums (so even if you are logged in to forums it won’t help if not logged in to the documents page).

Only vaguely related to this I see there is a feature where a graphic with “NEW” appears next to some of the documents…I hadn’t noticed that before, people might want to log in there just to see the “NEW” documents.

If the document was there, I wouldn’t have asked where to find it. Further highlighting the question “Why is it so difficult to get documentation?”

Hi kitfitz,

The Tegra K1 Data Sheet was in https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads.
Here is the link for your reference:


Much appreciated Kay, that document contains the information that I needed.

I see that both the name and the document number are not what is called out. Looks like the TRM is out of date, referencing a document that is literally not available any more. Frustrating for people trying to come up to speed on a very short schedule…