Where is tegra_pinctrl_reg in Orin Nano?


Before, I used “/sys/kernel/debug/tegra_pinctrl_reg” in Xavier NX and Nano for knowing register address and value.
But, I can’t find it in Orin Nano.

Please inform about tegra_pinctrl_reg or getting regster address and value.

Thank you.

Hi jtlee,

Please use the following command instead to check the pinmux configuration.

$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/2430000.pinmux/pinconf-groups


What I want to do is changing pinmux through command line.

In Xavier NX, I can changing pinmux using “devmem” command.
For example, if I want to enable aud_mclk that No.7 header of 40-pin header, I just run “sudo busybox devmem 0x02431020 32 0x00000400” in Xavier NX.

But, when I run “sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/2430000.pinmux/pinconf-groups”, I can’t get register address and value.

How can I changing pinmux in command line?

You could still use devmem to read/write the pinmux register, but you should search for the pinmux register address through TRM document.

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