Where is text_to_speech application sample for NX?

I just upgraded to Jetpack 4.4 and Isaac NX and there does not seem to be the text_to_speech sample even though text_to_speech is referenced as one of the sample applications in the documentation. I require text to speech for my application.

The NX documentation does not appear to include the audio GEMS at all, have they been discontinued?

Wow, this is ridiculous I bought the boards and went through all this effort because I audio gems were still listed in the documentation https://docs.nvidia.com/isaac/archive/2020.1/packages/audio/doc/text_to_speech.html#the-text-to-speech-sample-application. I finally get my robot up and running and find that none of the audio gems are present in the SDK. This basically makes this framework unusable for my use case now.

The text_to_speech application and almost all of the audio packages were removed in 2020.1NX because they were not being maintained in JetPack 4.4 along with a few other items. We’ll review the packages that were removed and consider resurrecting them for the next release.

I just looked at the GEMs for 2020.2…No audio listed.
Does this mean I can not simulate control of my robot via audio input. That would seem so 1990s.