Where is the BSDL file for the NVIDIA Jetson nano B01?

While working with the 260 pin SODIMM I could not find the BSDL file: Without a BSDL file, a manufacturer cannot describe their device as IEEE 1149.1 compliant.

Is not the B01 IEEE 1149.1 compliant?

Hi, the Jtag pins are not routed out to carrier board, there are some test points on module board. You can refer to TX1 docs since they are same chip: http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-boundary-scan

Actually I was looking for a means to generate the SODIMM 260 pin device with all the signal names attached, I being a lazy person that is prone to error when doing redundant repetitive typing since I can’t import binary files to my PCB design software.

Please check docs in DLC, there are carrier board design files, specification and module datasheet etc. that you can refer to.