Where is the document about NvDsLogger?

I can find NvDsLogger doc from DS5.0 doc. However there is no doc about NvDsLogger in DS6.1. Where could I found the doc?

We will check the document.

Are you talking about this part? NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference: Logging API | NVIDIA Docs

In The deepstream_test3_app.c line 413~414

  /* Use nvdslogger for perf measurement. */
  nvdslogger = gst_element_factory_make ("nvdslogger", "nvdslogger");

The sample ues the nvdslogger plugin, so I want to check the doc about this plugin. However I only find the doc in DS5.0 version
DS5.0 doc

There is no doc about the nvdslogger in DS6.1doc

We will check the document.

The nvdslogger plugin is only for debugging and logging purpose, the “gst-inspect-1.0 nvdslogger” can provide information for this plugin.

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