Where is the file: src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp

(Argus) Error EndOfFile: Unexpected error in reading socket (in src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp, function recvThreadCore(), line 266)
(Argus) Error EndOfFile: Receiving thread terminated with error (in src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp, function recvThreadWrapper(), line 368)

What you should tell is how do you hit this error.
Checking this file does not help your case.

Hi liu.jialu,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Any result can be shared?

sorry, i have nothing can be shared.
maybe the file is the source file of libargus, and libargus is a source-closed project.

Yes, that is the source file of libargus.