Where is the latest header file for windows libibverbs?

I have libibverbs.DLL installed by Mellanox WinOF 5.22 adapter in my system32 folder.

Where can I find header file (verbs.h as I guess) and import library (LIB file) for it?

I need the header file at least.

Thanks for your answer.

But this folder does not contain any file with a function prototype ibv_create_qp.

There is ib_al interface.

But I search for an interface used in example ‘rc_pingpong’ supplied with WOF3-2-1 (WOF3-2-1\GA\ulp\libibverbs).

This example uses function ‘ibv_create_qp’.

I do not know if there is a relation between this example and utility ‘ibv_rc_pingpong.exe’ (from folder ‘Program Files\Mellanox\MLNX_VPI\IB\Tools’)

but it appears that this utility depends on DLL system32\libibverbs.dll (installed by driver Mellanox WinOF 5.22).

So libibverbs.dll exists but I cannot find a header to use this DLL in my programs.

The header from WOF3-2-1 looks like to be old for this DLL (it looks like there are ABI problems).

Is there any idea where to find this header?

The header file can be revealed after extracting “sdk” file

Can be found under /Program Files/Mellanox/Mellanox_VPI/IB/SDK

You might be interested into NDKPI provided by Microsoft. Using hardware vendor header files and libraries will just limit your application to specific realisation, so going on something generic is much better.

Background Reading on RDMA https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/drivers/network/background-reading-on-rdma

We want to use multicast features of Infiniband.

If I understood this correct NetworkDirect does not provide neither multicast nor Unreliable Datagram data transfer.

I afraid I can’t tell on behalf of Microsoft what is supported or not and you might be interested to clarify the question with Microsoft.