Where is the .mexw64 file is getting stored after compilation?

Hi friends, I have successfully compiled my program for mex file generation from a cuda code. The solution given in the following link http://www.orangeowlsolutions.com/archives/498 are working fine. But I cannot find where the output .mexw64 (generated compiled file) is getting stored.

According to the website suggestion, I checked in the following path for the mex file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Cpp REST SDK for Visual Studio 2013\SDK\bin\x64\Debug
But it was not there as well.

The location in configuration properties–>General–>Output Directory: (SolutionDir)(Platform)$(Configuration)\

So, if you have any idea about this pls comment. Thanks.

i am rather confident that it would at least be stored on your hard drive; hence you can do a file search with the stipulated extension

well said but tht was done at the beginning… being helpless i put this post