Where is the source code?

I am using 2080Ti as Hardware platform and installed DeepStream 4.0 docker .
I am about make custom parser but I can find he source code. I navigate though the opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-4.0. But can’t find any ‘src’ folder. There are only ‘lib’ and ‘bin’ folder. Inside ‘lib’ ‘.so’ files are there and under bin i found image . All the apps. Can you please let me know where can I found the source codes for DeepStream 4.0 docker.

It’s in /root, and only in the -devel image. I hope they move it in the next release. Here is an example Dockerfile:

You’ll have to modify the path accordingly for Tegra (If you make a Tegra image as well).

thanks for sharing,
It’s under /root/deepstream_sdk_$VERSION_$ARCH
and you do not need to move to /opt.
source code does not exist only in -devel image, -samples also have.

Thanks for the response. I found it


Yes, you don’t need to move it to opt. I just copied it because my build files expected it to be there, but I could have probably made a symlink or something now that I think of it since I built the app with permissions to access /root and would have had access to it.


Thanks for letting me know the files are another images. I don’t know how I misssed them the last time I looked. I will modify my own Dockerfile in this case.


Aha. I see in 5.0 the samples and sources are now in /opt