Where is the source of "Common Driver Framework", when is flashed, and where it is flash into?

NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide(32.2 Release) mentions that,
“The CDF is provided at:
But I can’t find it, cause there are no these directory tree. And the Guide also say “MB1, TegraBoot-BPMP, and TegraBoot-CPU/C‑Boot each needs to use one of several drivers” belong to CDF. So the CDF should be flashed into eMMC in an very early time, yet no relative information can I find.


They are just lots of drivers. Not sure what you are looking for.
All the drivers under partner/common/ and partner/t18x/common/ are the CDF.

Thank you.

Actually, I can’t find them in l4t32.2 including kernel source code, u-boot source code, rootfs.

garret:~/tx2/l4t32.2$ sudo find ./ -type d  | grep "t18x\/common"
garret:~/tx2/l4t32.2$ sudo find ./ -type d  | grep "partner"

Yes, because rel-32 cboot source is not released.

Thank you.

How can I get cboot source code?

Sorry for my mistake. Rel-32 cboot source is released on the download center. Please check the source code. (but not yet released for Nano and TX1)