Where is the VisionWorks SDK SfM Example Pipeline?

I have downloaded and installed The VisionWorks SDK for Windows (BETA) and built the examples. Doing so under Win10 and VS2015 required a bit of recompiling dependencies to use the new VS2015 CRT, but was otherwise straightforward.

However, I see listed in the demos from here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/visionworks

VisionWorks includes the following sample pipelines:

  • Structure from Motion (SfM) and Object Tracking Plus Modules with sample implementations

I can’t find any source or executables corresponding to these features. I can build and run executables corresponding to:

Feature tracking
Camera Capture Pipeline
OpenCV-NPP-OpenVX interop
Hough Circles & Lines
Stereo Depth Extraction

And also have some extra samples showing interop opencv and opengl, but don’t see the Sfm or tracking examples anywhere.

Have I made some oversight or is this because e.g. those pipelines are not provided as source and thus aren’t in the Win SDK?

(Apologies if this wasn’t the right place to ask, VisionWorks at least appeared to come under Jetson, not having its own forum.)

Hi ferretnt,

As you saw, the VisionWorks SDK for Windows is just the beta release, we have limited support on Windows.
We’re going to provide object tracker sample as part of VisonWorks, hence it will be available on Windows as well.
Please wait for the WisionWorks 1.5 within the next r24.2 release.