where is Tx2 source code?

In sector “2.6.2 Aperture Columns” of Tx2 TRM, the GPIO_CTL (0x02200000 - 0x022fffff) corresponds to “argpio.h”, where is this header? and how can I get its source file “argpio.c”?

Please do me a favor.
Thanks in advance.

hello garretzou,

it’s a non-public header file, could you please share your use-case?

Thanks for your reply.

For our use-case, please take a look at another topic:

But we want to know how to use registers on Tegra X2(SoC), we have to deep understand the sub-systems on the the SoC, and we must to know how to code some registers.

As the TRM list “argpio.h” like files, and show function of registers, I wonder why the source codes are not open? If the source code are not open, sample code should be open to teach us to how to use those registers. So, Please show us how to use those registers.

hello garretzou,

you may refer to the pinmux spreadsheet for the pin name and signal name.
please also check Jetson TX2 MB1 Platform Configuration, for the steps if you would like to have customization.

Many thanks.

But couldn’t we get MB1 source code.Then we can compile my own mb1_prod.bin. We should to know how to use the registers of Paker SoC like stm32 series of STMicroelectronics.