Where is v4l2 video codec source code?

since jeston xavier use v4l2 as video codec framework, but it’s a linux kernel module, so I think we can found the v4l2 video codec source code, but i can’t found it in jetson open source pacakge, anybody can give me a answer about this ? thanks.

Some code is not open source and built into a so file:


The open source code is in


for the user space code(in libtegrav4l2.so), it can be source-closed. but for the kernel module, i think it should be open source(we can found v4l2 camera driver at drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera), but we can’t found any source code with video codec with v4l2 kernel space code, can you show me where is the source path ?

Most code is in libtegrav4l2.so, and other so files in userspace. In kernel, there are device nodes in


But not much code.

OK, thank you! one more question, For /sys/class/13e10000.host1x/ device node, where is the kernel source code to register this device ?

Please check the file:


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