Where 'isaac.bzl' is?

I’m trying to build and run it.

This is paths for *.bzl in default setting.

    name = "com_nvidia_isaac",
    path = "/home/schulze/tmp/sick/isaac",

load("@com_nvidia_isaac//third_party:engine.bzl", "isaac_engine_workspace")
load("@com_nvidia_isaac//third_party:packages.bzl", "isaac_packages_workspace")
load("@com_nvidia_isaac//engine/build:isaac.bzl", "isaac_git_repository", "isaac_new_http_archive")

There is some wrong paths to refer *.bzl file. in 2021.1
So, I modified it.

    name = "com_nvidia_isaac_sdk",
    path = "/home/nvidia/workspace/isaac/sdk",

        name = "com_nvidia_isaac_engine",
        path = "/home/nvidia/workspace/isaac/engine",

load("@com_nvidia_isaac_engine//third_party:engine.bzl", "isaac_engine_workspace")
load("@com_nvidia_isaac_sdk//third_party:packages.bzl", "isaac_packages_workspace")
load("@com_nvidia_isaac_engine//???:isaac.bzl", "isaac_git_repository", "isaac_new_http_archive")

But I can’t find isaac.bzl.
Where it is?

And could i use deps.bzl instead of isaac.bzl

Use the migration_2021_1 branch of the SICK repo which has been updated for Isaac SDK 2021.1 and no longer refers to an isaac.bzl file.

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