Where should I get the documentation about the new layer API on ConnectX-6 Dx

The datasheet of ConnectX-6 Dx shows that ConnectX-6 Dx adds a new layer of innovation. I wonder how to use this new layer or how to program on this new layer? The datasheet of ConnectX-6 Dx also illustrates that there are APIs to build user-defined congestion control algorithms. Is there any documentation on these APIs? Where should I get them?

Thank you in advance.

ConnectX-6 Dx added a Programmable Congestion Control HW.
We do have an SDK for developing advanced congestion control algorithms using this HW.
The SDK is available to select customers.
Sharing this capability is related to the business opportunity we have with those selected customers.

Hello Yaniv,
So I need to get it from the customer service or dealer who sells ConnectX-6 Dx to me, right? Is it a book or an instruction manual? If so, I’m sorry I may have lost it. Or other forms of documentation?
Thanks for your answer.

You will have to open a ticket with customer service and we will see how we can help you.