Where to download Jetson Nano EMMC initial image

The Jetson Nano EMMC modules we have purchased were pre-installed with a TinyLinux image. Can I download a massflash file (.mfi) with this image so that I can restore the module to its initial state?

If you have installed the image through SDKManager, you can see the files are downloaded in


Or you can download the packages from

Driver Package (BSP)
Sample Root Filesystem

And check To flash Jetson Developer Kit operating software section in developer guide

I have not installed the image. It was pre-installed on the module.

And the Sample Root Filesystem is Ubuntu, not TinyLinux.

It looks like the vendor has a customized rootfs for Jetson Nano developer kit. Could you contact the vendor to get support?

We use Ubuntu and do not have much experience in TinyLinux. Would be better if you can check with the vendor.

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