where to find documents for Drive PX2 PAB(Peripheral Adapter Board)


Drive PX2 has a Peripheral Adapter Board (PAB, P2779-100) as a part.
However, I could not find some useful documents about that.

Would you let me know WHERE I can get them?

TRACE32 to Tegra A is failed to debug, but Tegra B works pretty well.


Dear nvdpx2,

We no longer provide PAB board.
Can I know why you use the board to debug?
Please let me know what the problem is. Thanks.

Hello SteveNV,

As for PAB

  1. to develop and debug AURIX side software, customers ask whether HW debugger as TRACE32 could be used and howto
  2. to debug 3rd party device drivers on Tegra. It is a possibility not current issue.

You said PAB may not be provided(disconnected) furthermore.
Then, may I ask about AURIX in Xavier?
Xavier does have some other ways(interfaces) to debug?