where to find gpumodeswitch?

Hi all, so I’ve had a recent need to reinstall a supermicro grid setup. I’ve downloaded the grid pak from the nvidia enterprise site and installed the RPM. According to the the pdf guide there is a step that requires switching the M60 from compute mode to graphics mode, and I can’t seem to find the gpumodeswitch tool anywhere.

Any help would be uh, most helpful.


The Mode Change Utility is available from the same location in the Enterprise Portal where you downloaded the GRID software from.

You have all the different GRID software listed on one row, then below it you have the MCU and the License Server.


Thanks got it now!

But please check in advance if this is necessary at all. All M60s delivered starting end of last year are already in Graphics mode so there is no need for GPUmodeSwitch in most cases. In vCenter for example it is quite easy to check if the GPU is already in Graphics mode. In the Graphics tab it should show 7.98 or 7.99GB Framebuffer then you can assume everything is already fine.