Where to find "NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4.0"? NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4.0

I downloaded all CUDA libraries and files like in March 2011 which was a beta 4 version. After installation there was “NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4.0” folder with header files like: cutil.h, cutil_inline.h etc.

Now, when I install the latest CUDA Toolkit 4.0 (all files) from http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit-40 this “NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4.0” is not there (it used to be on same website before). So where can I find this GPU Computing SDK 4.0? What is the webaddress to get it? Thank you. I have googled a lot and cannot find the package (containing cutil_inline.h etc.) anywhere.

Everything is here, in seperate download links:

hmmm, I think I donwloaded everything. But I must have missed something then. I ll do it again. thanks.

ok, did work. Simple error… :)