Where to follow/test upcoming CuDNN 8.0.0?

I’ve read here and there that CuDNN 8.0.0 will break redist dlls in smaller chunks for training and inference. This is actually the major concern I have working with CuDNN right now: having to distribute a huge dll just for inference.
I’ve also noticed the v8.0.0 Early Access seems to have been removed from release notes. Is there a dedicated program I would need to apply to in order to test this EA?
Thanks in advance!

cuDNN 8.0.0 (Developer Preview) is right now just part of Jetson 4.4 DP release.

Please stay tuned for cuDNN release announcement for latest updates.


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Thank you. So I get there is nothing we can beta test short term on windows?

At least I am not aware of any such beta test release.
Will request you to stay tuned for any cuDNN release announcement.