Where to get Big Data for autonomous trucks, is there companies providing this product and service?


I’d like to know if there are companies providing raw data, big data for self-driving trucks. Right now I don’t know from my mechanical engineer what platform we use for such product I wait his answer, but I guess that it’s not relevant no? I’m just an accounting and finance guy. I’m trying to understand this industry.


Hi @jonathan14,

I don’t know the answer for truck. But you can search self-driving dataset news in the internet to see if anything fits truck.

BTW, please limit your questions here to NVIDIA DRIVE AGX. Thanks!

Hello Vick thank you for your answer, I appreciate greatly. I am not a technical guy right now but I will learn a little bit. I’m more into getting funding for Vivify Trucks, talking with new partners and financial people like venture capitalists etc…

I have a question:

What is the difference between:

  1. NVIDIA DRIVE AGX xavier
  2. NVIDIA DRIVE AGX pegasus
  3. NVIDIA DRIVE hyperion

Thanks for your questions! I would suggest you to take a look at below pages. There are the answers.

so pegasus is better than xavier. since pegasus is offering level 4 and 5 and xavier is offering only level 2 and 3 right?

Do I need both? And what are the prices for each for research?

I would suggest you to touch base with your nvidia representative for the system choice and price-wise questions. He/she can give you better answers more suitable to your conditions. Thanks!