Where to get SWC_IPC_Test.c

Now I am trying to test sending messages from tegra to can-bus, in EB-DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2_P2379.pdf, in chapter 5.1.4, it says how to send messages from tegra to can-bus and also source code SWC_IPC_Test.c is available for testing. But I can not find the source code SWC_IPC_Test.c.

Very thanks!

Dear yxiang,
May I know which PDK version and platform. Do you see aurix_tegra_a_can_send_receive.py in the zip folder?

Hardware version is P2379,software version driveworks0.3. In the zip folder, I can only find aurix_tegra_can_send_receive.py, no aurix_tegra_a_can_send_receive.py.

Dear yxiang,
It seems SWC_IPC_Test.c is not shipped in the package. Please use aurix_tegra_can_send_receive.py on tegra to test the CAN connection between Aurix and Tegra.

where is the zip folder? I cannot find any source codes about canbus communication(send or receive), only I can find is .run files.
Btw, my PDK version is 1.2

Dear zhenzhenz,
The default installation directory on host with SDK manager: ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/
You can find the zip file at <PATH_TO_DriveSDK>/drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts on host