Where to get the raw video file for the example " nvsipl_camera"

As I don’t have any cameras, and I want to try the example(Example: File input mode | NVIDIA Docs)
" ```
./nvsipl_camera -c “V1SIM728S2RU4120HB20_CPHY_x2” --link-enable-masks “0x0001 0x0000 0x0000 0x0000” -i <raw_file_name> -d 1

is anyone can provide the <raw_file>,thanks

Are you using Jetson AGX Orin or DRIVE AGX Orin platform?

For DRIVE AGX Orin platform, please open your issue at Latest DRIVE AGX Orin/DRIVE AGX Orin General topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums forum to get the support.


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