Where to input 5 volt power plug to power up Jetson Xavier AGX

I am wondering where to input my 5 volt power plug to power up jetson agx xavier.
I am confused about Jetson Agx Xavier documentation. In the documentation, here on page 20, and here on page 34, show that that it is possible to power it up using 5 volt input supply via SYS_VIN_MV. However, in the post it is stated that it is not possible. Which one is right? I believe official documentation but I was wondering where to input my 5 volt power supply to my jstson agx xavier? Should I connect 5 volt supply to 40 pin connection at pin number 2 or 4?

All I can find on datasheet is USB Type C connectors or Barrel connectors. Should I plug in 5 volts power supply there in USB type c connector? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Do you have the AGX Xavier, or the Xavier NX? Only the NX can use 5V. There is a barrel for the AGX, but it requires a higher voltage. The AGX is the one with the larger (and heavier) heat sink. Here is an image of an AGX dev kit:

Here is an image of the Xavier NX:

Notice that the smaller NX has the ability to be powered by a micro-B USB cable or the barrel connector (if the jumper is installed), whereas the full AGX Xavier only uses the barrel connector. The two have different power requirements.

@linuxdev Thank you for your response. I have Jetson AGX Xavier as you shared. If it cannot be powered up by 5 volts then, I guess there is a problem in in my understanding about its documentation. It is mentioned on page 20, Section 5.2 (POWER MEASURMENT HARDWARE) the manual it has two options to power up. I am confused. Can we power it up using 5 volts?

The design guide is for people creating their own carrier board. The 5V there is module power, not carrier board power. I have probably misinterpreted your question, but are you using a dev kit, or are you designing your own carrier board with a commercial AGX module mounted to it? If the former, then it should come with a power supply at about 19V to connect to the barrel connector; if the latter, then it is up to you to design how power reaches the module (the end voltage would be 5V, but the input to the carrier is your design or the design of the dev kit carrier board).

Now, I got it well. Your kind response and time is highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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