Where to restart? Please don't say Cuda-X

Howdy folks,

I’ve got a favor to ask, before I make the same mistake would someone mind telling what’s compatible with my EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. Cuda-X and my GPU have gone some rounds even when I installed the 2 year old driver. I’m not really looking to repeat that mistake for the like the 5th time. It basically made me give up on this idea some 9 months ago already. Currently I’m doing mostly tool CAD design and occasionally will mess with some 3d animation so anything in that ball park would be great. Really I just wanna learn some more tricks and expand my mind a little without the rest of my hair turning gray.

Thanks a bunch

Just looked at Cuda-X again and it doesn’t support windows 10_64 anymore. Thank goodness no one else with fall in that hole.