Where to start for autonomous vehicle project


Looking for JEtson AGX as a start for development project (small in door autonomous drving vehicle) and looking for a quick start
1- is the Jetson AGX the right one?
2- Where and what sensors to look at, at the moment I’m not considering LiDAR, would cameras be sufficient?
3- How to lay out an architecture, is there a good forum to start from

Jetson AGX Orin would be great to run, though you may be able to get away with Jetson Orin Nano or Jetson Orin NX as well depending on how many cameras and how compute intensive your application will be.

Stereo cameras such as those listed here have been tested with Isaac ROS and a good place to start.

The Nav2 Slack channels is a good place for architecture discussions and the documentation concerning Ackermann drive is a good place to start.